Manifold Pressure Sensor.

4 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor Includes: Matching male Deutsch DTM-3 Connector (HT-031001).

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A Haltech MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure) provides instantaneous pressure information to the electronic control unit (ECU) from the intake manifold – the amount of boost or vacuum in the intake manifold.

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Hump Hoses. This is necessary to calculate air density and determine the engine’s air mass flow rate or in other words engine load.


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. plug & pins) INCLUDES: Matching male Deutsch DTM-3 Connector (HT-031001) Haltech 4 BAR Motorsports MAP Sensor Kit (inc.

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Use with H-SEN-MSC plug.

If you have an aftermarket MAP Sensor like a Hondata 4 Bar for example, you will need to calibrate that sensor.

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WHP 4 BAR MAP SENSOR, 1/8 NPT $ 135. Haltech wideband O2 CANbus controller + Bosch 4. Learn more. The Haltech 2500 has an onboard 3 bar map sensor so you don’t need to wire one in like you would with AEM v1/2 ecus. Quantity. .


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$ 117.



Condition: BRAND NEW Description: HT-010136 4 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor (includes HT-031001 - Male Deutsch DTM 3 Connector) Other Information: 4 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor(includes HT-031001 - Male Deutsch DTM 3 Connector).