In order to better understand how today’s Internet works, we will take a look at how humans and computers have communicated using technology over the years.

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CONTENTS 0 Preface 3.

. . Computer Networks - Curt M.

A computer network is a set of computers sharing resources located on or provided by network nodes.

. . 1 Communicating at a Distance.

. • Every host hasa a unique 4-byte IP address - E.

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The wired or wireless connection of two or more computers for the purpose of sharing data and resources form a computer network.

Networking Device. Find partner (groups of up to 2).

Kai. 5 Internet Application Protocols.

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计算机导论 (Introduction to Computer) 计算机起源,发展,应用,etc.

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Applications of Network. . Design is unsuitable for computer networks where transfers have variable rate (bursty) Internet Traffic Is Bursty Daily traffic at an MIT-CSAIL router Packet Switching Used in the Internet Data is sent in Packets (header contains control info, e.

Slide for Information Security: Slide12-InformationSecurity. . Introduction to multi-agent modified Q-learning routing for computer networks. Kurose & Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-down Approach, 7th Ed. org 132. 21.

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Explore issues of network security.