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The more slaps you have, the more gloves you can use.

06, 2022. You will receive the “the backrooms” badge and the. .

The Alchemist Ability can be found here by climbing the ladder next to the door inside.

. 6. How to go to the Backrooms in Ability Wars.

. fc-smoke">Feb 6, 2022 · The Backrooms.


Go into the cave.

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As soon as you see those, head to it and press the prompted button to enter the. This guide is meant to help newcomers, called Wanderers, prepare physically and mentally for the Backrooms.

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Ability Wars how to get quot backroom quot badge.

Aug 22, 2022 · I found how to get into the BACKROOMS in Roblox Ability Wars and saw a UFO!! Click here to get the OFFICIAL Captains Crew MERCH! https://bit.

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. How to go to the Backrooms in Ability Wars. . . .

These are: As of right now, it's not possible to obtain this badge due to the cauldron not working properly Enter the.

. It allows you to use Jello to attack people.

To enter, stand in the corner and use shift lock to stare at the wall.



after that enable the plant ability and get the burger.

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